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ENJOY SHINJUKU WALKING— let’s enjoy sushi! —


The most popular menu from foreign guest is SUSHI and Ramen.

There are a few different styles of sushi restaurant in Japan.

First one is “standing sushi bar”.

This style of restaurant is good for quick bite.

Second one is “Kaiten Sushi(回転すし)”.

As the food revolves around, you pick the dishes you want.

Third one is typical sushi restaurant.

There is counter seat and tables. At the counter, you order directly to Sushi Chef.

This type of restaurant, you can enjoy most traditional style.

I  introduce good sushi and ramen restaurant around KADOYA HOTEL.


“Standing Sushi Bar”

Uogashi Nippon Ichi – this restaurant is my favorite. Their fish is very fresh. Located 2 minutes walk from KADOYA.

Tachi Sushi Yokocho -this restaurant is newly opened recently.  Located 4 minutes walk from KADOYA .


“Kaiten Sushi”

Himawari Sushi – Located 3 minutes walk from KADOYA

Ganso Sushi – Located 4 minutes walk from KADOYA


Sushi restaurant(typical)

Itamae Sushi – They have good tuna. I liked it.  Located 4 minutes walk from KADOYA.

Kizuna Sushi – Seafood bowl of rice is popular. Located 1 minute walk from KADOYA

Sakae Sushi – Located 4 minutes walk from KADOYA


We have good JAPANESE restaurant in the hotel as well.

The name is “HATAGO”. They have fresh seafood and fine Japanese beef, chicken, pork, and also many good Sake.

If you would like to enjoy JAPANESE food and Sake, visit “HATAGO”.




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