Privacy Policy of “Kadoya Hotel,” a business hotel within a 3-minute-walk from Shinjuku Station’s West Exit

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Privacy Policy

How we handle personal data

At Takegawa Kanko Corporation Kadoya Hotel (referred to herein as “our company”, “we”, “us” or “our”) we recognize the importance of your personal identifiable information (“personal data”) and we make sure we safeguard your personal data that we collect through our website. We request our customers to enter their personal data on our website for the purpose of better serving you. The personal data we collect through our website is kept confidential. The following note outlines our privacy practices and commitments:

1.Collection of personal data

On our website, we collect customers’ personal data necessary to provide them with services.
1.Room reservation
2.Various documents request
3.Other (when we need customers’ personal data for purposes other than listed above, we clarify its purposes, contents and handling of such personal data.)

2.What we do with personal data

Personal data we’ve received on our website is only used in the situations listed below and it’s never used for any purposes other than the purpose customers provide us with their personal data for.
1.When arrangements need to be made to the main purpose of the Contact Us form including room reservation, documents delivery and responses to inquiries.
2.When we find it necessary that we contact a customer.
3.When agreed by customers.

3.What type of personal data

Our company collects the minimum amount of required personal data necessary to offer services. Submission of other data is not the condition to receive our services. (We clarify the necessary data by adding an asterisk to the category.)

4.How we keep personal data

We only keep personal data as a record of service provision, and it will be deleted after a set period of time.

5.How we control personal data

Database for customers’ personal data is supervised by our information control manager.

6.Distribution and disclosure of personal data

We handle customers’ personal data with the utmost care, and never distribute or disclose such personal data to third parties unless:
1.Customers agree to disclose their personal data
2.We may also release customer information when we believe it is necessary to comply with the law required by law enforcement authorities and court of justice.
3.When critical and urgent situations for customers, our company or the third parties warrant the disclosure of customer information.

7.Usage of statistical data

Data we collect and analyze for the purpose of improving our home page, services and products is treated as such and never used to reveal your specific identity.

8.Safety measures

For the safety of personal data and protection from illegal access, loss, damage, falsification, disclosure of such data, reasonable safety measures are taken from both aspects of the operation, management and IT systems. Our website does not use cookies to collect customers’ personal data. We collect the access records (access log) of our homepage only for the legitimate business purposes such as statistical analysis or investigations of illegal accesses to our homepage.

9.“Kadoya Hotel homepage how we handle personal data” content changes

When changes are made to the content of this page, we will notify through our website.

10.Contact us

Contact us regarding how we handle customers’ personal data on our website.
Please access “Contact Us” page of our website.

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