Company Profile of “Kadoya Hotel,” a business hotel within a 3-minute-walk from Shinjuku Station’s West Exit

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Company Profile

Company Overview

Trade Name
Takekawa Kanko Co. Ltd. (Takekawa Tourism Corporation)
1-23-1 Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo
Phone:+81-3-3346-2561  FAX:+81-3-3342-4595
Tsukasa Takekawa
Affiliate Group
Cafe la voie (1F) / Hatago (B1)

Company principles

In everything we do, including cleaning, serving customers, and delivering our smiles, we strive to satisfy our guests by paying close attention to their needs.
We will not cease to make daily efforts. We aim to offer the best service for our guests.
We take both men and women into consideration for our guests to be able to stay at our hotel pleasantly.
We make the utmost efforts to offer our guests safety in our hotel including food safety.
Our hotel will always be clean so that our guests can enjoy a relaxing moment anytime they wish.
We will make great efforts for our guests to stay healthy.

For our environment

Environmental principles
We have been striving to offer our guests pleasant sleep under the program called “Pleasant Sleep Programs.” We work with the following the principles of “hospitality,” “service,” “amenity,” “safety,” and “cleanliness.” However, environmental problems are something we cannot ignore in our society. We will not only focus on hospitality as a hotel management, but also consider environments in our operation.
Environmental policies

1. Each staff is the initiative to make a difference.
2. Then start what is possible as an organization.
3. Our actions will strengthen each staff’s awareness for environmental issues.
4. We set goals to protect the environment.
5. We promote energy saving, waste reduction, and resource recycling.
6. Our efforts are not temporary. They are continuous. We will not neglect to make efforts.