Check-in & Check-out

Q1. How late may I check-in? Is there a curfew (I.e. do you lock the entrance?)
Please check-in by 21:00. No, there is no curfew. We do not lock the hotel entrance door.
Q2. Is it possible to check-in before 15:00?
Yes, guests may check-in before 15:00 with an additional charge of 1,000 JPY(without tax)/hr of early arrival.
Guests are welcome to leave their luggages at the front desk before check-in, even if they do not wish for an early check-in.
Q3. Is it possible to check-in after 21:00?
Due to transportation schedules such as Shinkansen arrival during the late hours, we accept late check-ins upon advance notices.
Q4. May I mail packages to myself with the hotel address?
Yes, you may. We will keep your packages safely at the front desk.
Q5. Will you keep my luggage after check-out?
Yes, guests may leave their luggage with us for rest of the day after check-out.
Q6. May I extend my check-out time?
Yes, you may, with an additional charge of 1,000 JPY(without tax)/hrs extended.
You may check-out as late as 23:00.
Q7. When do I pay my room fee?
Please pay upon check-in at the front desk.

Room Reservation

Q1. Can I be placed on a wait list for a room?
We do not have a wait list, however you may call us to confirm availability when the online reservation page indicates all rooms unavailable.
Q2. When does the room cancellation fee incur?
Reservations cancelled two days in advance incurs no fee.
Detailed fee information can be viewed at "Information about room booking."

Hotel Utilization

Q1. Are there non-smoking rooms?
There are non-smoking rooms available in each type of rooms. Please call us for details.
Q2. What is the charge for Cable TV?
It is 1,000 JPY from check-in to the next morning.
Q3. Is there an extra charge for a child?
We would like families to stay at our hotel comfortably.
We do not charge for small children (kindergarten and younger.)
Q4. Is there a parking space?
Please use the nearby parking structures. There is no parking space at our hotel.
Q5. Are there any convenience stores and restaurants near the hotel?
There is a Japanese restaurant "Hatago" on the first floor of basement, and "Cafe Le Voie" on the first floor of the hotel. There is a 24-hour-open convenience store next to us, and also many restaurants and bars nearby.

Internet Connection Service

Q1. How much is the fee?
It is free of charge. It is a LAN connection, therefore there is no telephone usage fee either.
Q2. Is there a time limitation for Internet use?
You may enjoy the Internet use 24 hours a day.
Q3. To use the Internet, do I need to register in any types of services?
No, you do not. All you need is your computer.
Q4. Do I need to preference any special settings?
If you are a LAN user, you do not need any special settings.
Q5. Do you rent LAN cards?
Yes, we rent LAN cards to our guests for free. (Merck LPC3-CLT/BUFFALO) You will need to download a driver from CD or FD.
To download : http://www.freespot.com/

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