"Pleasant Sleep Report" designed by business hotel Kadoya near Shinjuku Station. [Kadoya Hotel]

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Offering our guests the best sleep ever

Kadoya Hotel has been working in collaboration with Tokyo Nishikawa as the base for business and sightseeing travelers in Tokyo.
And we have introduced our “Pleasant Sleep Project” that promises guests a good night’s sleep.
There’s no end to our program. Here’s the report of our progress.

[Report 1] We have acquired a pillow adviser qualification.

  • pillow adviser
  • pillow adviser
  • pillow adviser

Kadoya Hotel is the first hotel in Tokyo that offers a pillow adviser service.

At Kadoya Hotel, we have the Pillow Adviser® qualification holders who can select perfect pillows for our guests to support pleasant sleeps.

Pillows have suitable height and material for individual guests.

Kadoya Hotel has been working in collaboration with Tokyo Nishikawa and set up a pillow section at the front desk offering a vide variety of pillows. The Pillow Advisers®, experts of pillows will guide you to the ultimate pillow leading to a pleasant sleep. Wake up to a refreshing morning in Shinjuku.

※ Pillow adviser R is the qualification to give an educational lecture by Nishikawa industrial corporation to origin.

Pillow Adviser

Pillow Adviser® Service Information

Please inquire at the front desk. Tokyo Nishikawa certified Pillow Adviser® front desk staff will carefully measure the guests’ head and neck length to select the most suitable pillow.

*We do not accept reservations for this service.
*Measuring takes place at the rental pillow section in the lobby or in the guest rooms.
*After measuring, the desired pillow may not be available.
*Female Pillow Adviser® is also available.

[Report 2] Introduction of mattresses and pillows dedicated to Pleasant Sleep.

Experience a Pleasant Sleep unlike any other hotel.

At Kadoya Hotel, a business hotel in Shinjuku, we have improved our mattresses and pillows to accompany a Pleasant Sleep.
Popular among athletes, our mattresses AiR SI deliver the best sleep and various brands of pillows are available including the doctor recommended “motto kata rakune” health pillow.

*Limited number of rooms have AiR SI mattresses. Please select a stay plan from here.
*You have the option to purchase a pillow that you wish to keep. Please inquire with one of our Pillow Advisers. (We do not offer mail orders.)

[Report 3] Customers review

There’s no end to our Pleasant Sleep Project.
In search of a more Pleasant Sleep, we have gathered reviews from customers who have experienced the AiR SI and newly introduced pillows.
Here is a portion of our customers review. We appreciate those who have taken the time to submit the survey.
*Reviewed by customers who purchased an AiR SI experience plan, and the survey was answered in the guest room.
*These are customers’ personal views.

Male, 40s

Male, 40s

Moderate amount of rebounding helped me turn over smoothly. I was able to sleep in a comfortable position due to the body weight dispersion.

Female, 40s

Female, 40s

I like how my body didn’t sink in the bed. Especially around my lower back was comfortable. As soon as I lied down, I was able to fall asleep.

Female, 20s

Female, 20s

Joints in my feet and heels felt stable and I was easily able to sleep on my back. The firmness of the bed was just right, and my body didn’t sink in the bed too much. It was comfortable.

Male, 30s

Male, 30s

My lower back and shoulders didn’t hurt. I slept very well.

Stay plans for a Pleasant Sleep at a business hotel in Shinjuku