Breakfast Improvement Project information of “Kadoya Hotel,” a business hotel within a 3-minute-walk from Shinjuku Station’s West Exit

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“Breakfast Improvement Project”
To offer our guests the best quality breakfast in Shinjuku

  • Breakfast Improvement Project information
  • Breakfast Improvement Project information
  • Breakfast Improvement Project information
  • Breakfast Improvement Project information

“Café La Voie,” taking ‘health’ and ‘food safety’ into consideration, offers 3 breakfast menus including both Japanese and Western cuisine.
Whether it’s a light breakfast before work, or a leisurely breakfast in the open terrace-like ambiance, “Café La Voie” will be at your service.

Introducing “Breakfast Improvement Project”

  • Freshly-ground Coffee

    Freshly-ground Coffee

    Try our original blend coffee extracted from the beans which is the purveyor to the imperial household agency.Enjoy the superb balance of bitterness and richness.

  • Assorted Bread

    Assorted Bread

    Western breakfast includes daily assorted bread.Enjoy it with scrambled eggs and hams.

  • Fleshly Saladas

    Fleshly Saladas

    We offer flesh salads, yogurt, fruit cocktail, soft drink for the half buffet.

  • Reduced-Agrochemical Rice from Niigata

    Reduced-Agrochemical Rice from Niigata

    Koshihikari brand rice, grown with the least amount of agrochemicals is shipped directly from “Kobayashi Farm” in Niigata prefecture. We cook and serve fresh rice daily.

  • Fresh Eggs from Tanba, Kyoto

    Fresh Eggs from Tanba, Kyoto

    We use fresh eggs raised in the city of Tanba in Kyoto prefecture. Tanba is known for their clean air and water, allowing the eggs to be nutritious. With eggs being so fresh, may we suggest our be-loved “egg sauce over rice” for breakfast?

  • Dashi - Soup Stock Prepared by Skilled Chef

    Dashi – Soup Stock Prepared by Skilled Chef

    Japanese restaurant “Hatago,” under the direct management of Kadoya Hotel, offers an unbeatable dashi (soup stock) prepared by their skilled chefs. Japanese essence hidden in the dashi brings out the savory flavors of the fresh ingredients.

  • Ultimate French toast (limited quantity)

    Ultimate French toast (limited quantity)

    Developed as the new signature item, our French toast is soaked in appaleil (French style batter) for one day to achieve the perfect balance between moist and crispy.

  • Hokkaido Kushiro’s whole milk

    Hokkaido Kushiro’s whole milk

    We use whole milk to make our French toast. Unadjusted “Tokuno milk 4.0” has a rich and sweet flavor that burst in your mouth.

  • Breakfast in the open terrace ambiance

    Breakfast in the open terrace ambiance

    Savor our breakfast at an open terrace seating at Cafe La Voie while indulging in the fresh air on clear days.