Free rental smartphone “handy” of “Kadoya Hotel,” a business hotel within a 3-minute-walk from Shinjuku Station’s West Exit

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Guest Rooms

Free rental smartphone “handy”

Free rental smartphone “handy”

“handy” is a free rental smartphone available for your use both inside and outside of the hotel while you stay with us. Provided in each guest room.
Domestic and international (6 countries) calls, as well as internet usage are free of charge, allowing our guests to retrieve abundance of nearby tourism information while feeling safe and connected to our hotel.

handy feature (1) telephone calls & internet function

  • Free domestic phone calls

    Free domestic phone calls

    Inside and outside the guest rooms, unlimited domestic phone calls can be made free of charge.

  • International calls (6 countries)

    International calls (6 countries)

    Free phone calls can be made to certain countries and areas.

  • Free internet signal

    Free internet signal

    Roaming or free wifi spot is unnecessary. Internet is accessible at anytime free of charge even when away from the hotel.

handy feature (2) Travel support function

  • Sightseeing & travel support

    Sightseeing & travel support

    Recommended information nearby hotel and destination specific contents will support sightseeing and travels.

  • Downloading an app.

    Downloading an app.

    Feel free to download any apps you’d like, such as SNS and cameras.

  • Hotel information

    Hotel information

    We deliver the latest information in real time such as the products and services we offer.

handy feature (3) Safety function

  • Data wiping function

    Data wiping function

    Feel safe with the data wiping function (auto, manual, or remote.)